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Buy Standard Leige Home Football Shirt 2013 - 14

As a premium products, Standard Leige Home Football Shirt 2013 - 14 were made from high quality materials that give you the ultimate in comfort and fit. By using this Standard Leige Home Football Shirt 2013 - 14 your confidence will boosted rapidly, and your inner beauty will be shine. According to the manufacturer statement, this product features a variety of fun prints and colors. Please note that the image shown is only a representation of the style. The actual color and/or Print ordered and received by customer will vary.
Buy  Standard Leige Home Football Shirt 2013 - 14

Product Details

  • Size: L, Large Adults
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Joma
  • Model: 101011.13

Buy Standard Leige Home Football Shirt 2013 - 14

Product Description

This is the Standard Liege Home Football Shirt 2013-14 which is a brand new addition to our online kit shop. This is a fantastic soccer jersey and you can order yours now to support the Belgian club. The football shirt is mainly red in colour with some white detail, there is a diagonal band going across the a of the shirt which adds a nice touch. In the centre of the white band you will see the black sched Joma logo, which sits opposite the club’s team soccer badge. There is a V-neck collar on this football shirt, which is red in colour with a white trim, this adds style to the soccer jersey and makes the collar stand out. The football jersey is made from 100% polyester and features Joma’s Dry MX technology. This fabric is great and helps you out by wicking any sweat away from the body and allowing air in, ultimately leaving you feeling much drier for longer. Key Features: - Standard Liege Home Football Shirt - Red and white shirts - Official Joma merchandise - Alternative to the away shirts - Ideal for football training - Part of the new home kit - Dry MX technology - 100% Polyester Show your support for the Belgian team as they aim to do well in their kits this year, they a very good team and have won the Belgian league on 10 occasions. Our Soccer Box store offers a range of football shirts and kits for various teams including international, national and Premier league. Take a look through at some of the great shirts, kits and training wear items that we can provide. Thanks for shopping with us.

This great Standard Leige Home Football Shirt 2013 - 14 were using a special materials that makes you feels comfort when wearing it. Since it comes with several variety of colors and size, it will suitable for all people that willing to raise their self confidence about their own beauty.This product Standard Leige Home Football Shirt 2013 - 14 can easily get from various local store or you can also grab it one from one of online stores across the net. Personally I recommend you to get this amazing product from main store since they offers great price.
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